The SPIN-OFF Competence Lab Trainning program comes to an end 9 October 2023

The aim of this task was to improve and support an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial competences among scientists in a two-step process to increase and exploit the potential of entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives.

The first step was achieved by the development of a competence laboratory dedicated to early-stage researchers and offering virtual training – on the social media of the SEA-EU and the reSEArch-EU projects and up-skilling on ‘future-proof’ competencies including problem-solving, self-management and entrepreneurship capabilities as well as soft skills and emotional intelligence.


Second, existing local university facilities specialised in supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and start-ups serve as a link between the Spin-off Competence Lab and entrepreneurial enabled scientists by providing integrated follow up services and support.


More information about Spin Off Competence Lab are available in our website: and in the final official report.