Closing Joint Event if the reSEArch EU project: Research and Innovation in the SEA EU University Alliance 15 December 2023

The European University of the Seas, in particular its nested project for the strengthening of research and innovation within the SEA EU Alliance (reSEArch EU-H2020) celebrated its closing meetings at the University of Cadiz on the 14th of December.




The Executive and Technical Committee sessions began in the morning at the Faculty of Medicine, chaired by the General Coordinator of the Alliance, Fidel Echevarría, and welcomed by the acting Rector Francisco Piniella.



The representatives and technical managers of the different universities of the consortium (Cadiz, Western Brittany, Kiel, Gdańsk, Split, Malta, Naples Parthenope, Algarve and Nord) participated in them, the different deliverables have been approved, as well as the sustainability and continuity of the actions initiated in the framework of research and innovation were discussed.


During the afternoon session, the Closing Event of the reSEArch EU Project took place, which was streamed and was attended by project members as well as stakeholders. In a more relaxed atmosphere, the results of the project have been presented, accompanied by an exhibition, which is expected to be subsequently transferred to other campuses of our University.


Two round tables accompany this event: the first one with the different representatives of the work packages (Igor Jerkovic-Vice-Rector for Research and Quality-UNIST, Christian Wagner-Ahlfs-Coordinator for transdisciplinary Research-CAU, Sylwia Mrozowska-Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Development-UG, Godfrey Baldacchino-Pro-Rector International Development and Quality Assurance-UM, Tristan Montier-Vice President for Research-UBO) and moderated by the project coordinator Laura Martín (UCA) in which the sustainability of the project and future actions have been discussed.




And a second round table, moderated by the general coordinator of the SEA EU Alliance, Fidel Echevarría, in which representatives of other European alliances (Agnieszka Kosciuszko-Lead Project Manager of RE-EURECA-PRO Alliance, Isabella Baer-Eiselt-Executive director of EU-CONEXUS Alliance, and Meritxell Chaves-General Secretary of CHARM-EU Alliance), were discuss the sustainability of research agendas within European university alliances.



We also have informative material about the project in different formats.



Many thanks to all who participated, attended and made this day possible.


Follow the event one more time via streaming