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Behind the knowledge, research, innovation and development, there are people who can bring the messages of dissemination and usefulness to society much closer to home. For this purpose, at the end of this project, we develop a joint final event to show the results of the reSEArch EU project through the voice of selected protagonists […]

On December 18, our last Technical Working Group (TWG) and Extended Executive Committee (EEC) took place at the University of Cadiz.   During this working day, the last remaining results and reports of our reSEArch EU project were presented and approved:   Deliverable 1.3. (UCA, WP1). Open Reports to the Stakeholders (Report) Deliverable 1.6. (UCA, […]

The European University of the Seas, in particular its nested project for the strengthening of research and innovation within the SEA EU Alliance (reSEArch EU-H2020) celebrated its closing meetings at the University of Cadiz on the 14th of December.       The Executive and Technical Committee sessions began in the morning at the Faculty […]

Let’s celebrate the results of the completed and ongoing reSEArch EU project within all our colleagues.   The closing event will be a summary of the best results and achievements of the project through the voice of selected protagonists (researchers, associated partners and other stakeholders, students, society) combined by different dissemination materials used film screenings […]

The Plan of the Open Science Ambassador Programme has been published. This taks provided a structured execution of activities intended to make Open Science better known by academics, researchers and students, promoting its practice and highlighting the benefits. The Task is mainly based on common activities that are managed and executed by designated Open Science […]

Building a long-term research agenda was essential in order to give substance to our alliance and for future collaborations with a common goal.   To achieve this, we carried out a long and rigorous process of collecting publications from various databases, the idea being to identify the flagship research themes of the first 6 members […]

A series of videos (1 per university) where each partner showcases the activity of two-three top research groups and how the project has impacted their research have been availables in our website.    The goal of this video capsules is to effectively and efficiently communicate the most impactful advancements achieved in the different WPs of […]

The SEA-EU Academy is envisioned as an entirely virtual learning environment as well as a difital platform for organizing and promoting regular virtual training, webinars, and seminars.   The, the main objective is to build a pan-European institution that can openly connect knowledge, expertise and resources from different units and research areas, across different countries, […]

Between April and May, a survey was shared by UBO in coordination with all the SEA EU Alliance universities questioning SEA-EU’s research groups on their positioning toward societal challenges. This documment is a synthesis of responses obtained once the survey about positioning of key investigators towards societal challenges is closed. This survey was part of […]