The future of our project research: Common Long-Term Research Agenda 5 December 2023

Building a long-term research agenda was essential in order to give substance to our alliance and for future collaborations with a common goal.


To achieve this, we carried out a long and rigorous process of collecting publications from various databases, the idea being to identify the flagship research themes of the first 6 members of the SEA-EU alliance. After a follow-up with each university, the strong axes were compared with the European Union’s sustainable development objectives in terms of major environmental and societal challenges.


With these goals, and by virtue of their oceanic positioning and their research potential as described in this document, the members of the SEA EU Alliance are today called upon to play a leading role in the transmission of knowledge and the training of young scientists. This alliance will also play a role in planning for our future through the transformation of our coastal societies, and though carrying out collaborative, inclusive and ambitious joint projects.