Newsletter (9)


During the European Researchers’ Night (ERN), Universities members of the Alliance held different activities, workshops and exhibitions.   The European Researchers Night is an opportunity to meet scientists and a chance to discover the fascinating world of science in a less serious than usual format.   ERN participants will have a variety of attractions related to the […]

On October 26th will be held at the University of Cadiz the open science conference: From Open Access and Open data to the involvement of citizens.   It will be a day in Spanish and mixed format (face-to-face and online) where participants will attend a series of workshops and talks related to open science and […]

The video capsules for the promotion of Open Science practice are already available in our YouTube Channel SEA-EU European University of the Seas for researchers, stakeholders and society.   This video capsules are the result of Task 7.2. Promotion of Open Science practice. [M1-M36, lead UCA, involvement of all partners] and from task 5.1 where […]

On July 28th, a seminar on Blue Growth was held as part of our SEA EU Talent program. The two guest speakers for the session were two young researchers who are experts in the field: Trinetra Mukherjee and Wojciech Pokora.   Trinetra is a microbiologist and BIENVENÜE MSCA-COFUND postdoctoral researcher at the BEEP laboratory, Universite […]

Matching research strengths of the SEA-EU alliance with societal challenges paves the road for the common long-term research agenda.   This document has the ambitions to helps prioritizing the research topics with the strongest potential for synergies in regards to the research strengths observed at the scale of SEA-EU and the current European societal needs. […]

The activity Citizen Science Contest is finalized with the awards of the competition ‘Challenges from Cadiz to the World’ at the International Welcome Center of the University of Cadiz, with the presidency of the vice-rectors of Digitalization and Infrastructures and Internationalization of the UCA, Carlos Rioja and Rafael Jiménez. The winners of this first edition […]

The SEA-EU Academy is envisioned as an entirely virtual learning environment as well as a difital platform for organizing and promoting regular virtual training, webinars, and seminars.   The, the main objective is to build a pan-European institution that can openly connect knowledge, expertise and resources from different units and research areas, across different countries, […]

The Marketplace tool has been structured to serve the specific needs and goals of both businesses and academia. It facilitates funding for the services provided by academia and brings together researchers from academic institutions and professionals from businesses, creating a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange. The tool enables researchers to connect with industry experts, and […]

The SEA-INNOVATE HUB is a platform for cooperation through new approaches between scientists and business stakeholders to pursue new innovative solutions to contemporary societal challenges. The SEA-INNOVATE HUB is based on three pillars: • sharing good practices, • service databases • and a dedicated online Marketplace Tool.   The SEA-INNOVATE HUB will also provide networking […]