SEA-INNOVATE HUB ready to unite and grow together scientists, experts, entrepreneurs and society at large 12 July 2023


The SEA-INNOVATE HUB is a platform for cooperation through new approaches between scientists and business stakeholders to pursue new innovative solutions to contemporary societal challenges.

The SEA-INNOVATE HUB is based on three pillars:
sharing good practices,
service databases
• and a dedicated online Marketplace Tool.


The SEA-INNOVATE HUB will also provide networking and knowledge exchange opportunities for (early stage) researchers from the Spin-off Competence Lab with business professionals from the industry, such as through joint (online) events or workshops. A platform will offer tools and training, utilizing the resources of SEA-EU Academy, and integrating the Spin-off Competence Lab for cooperative management of research infrastructure. It will also explore possibilities for improved regional and institutional governance for the sharing of facilities, equipment, and other resources to better leverage strategic assets.


More information about this project: