ReSEArch EU Marketplace Tool ready to connect experts with researchers and viceversa 12 July 2023

The Marketplace tool has been structured to serve the specific needs and goals of both businesses and academia. It facilitates funding for the services provided by academia and brings together researchers from academic institutions and professionals from businesses, creating a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange. The tool enables researchers to connect with industry experts, and vice versa, fostering partnerships that can lead to valuable collaborations and joint research projects.

As academia and business possess distinct expertise and perspectives, our tool allows researchers and businesses to tap into each other’s knowledge and skills, enabling cross-pollination of ideas and innovation. Researchers can gain insights into real-world challenges faced by businesses, while businesses can benefit from academic expertise and research-driven solutions.

On the other hand this tool serves a great networking and relationship builder. It acts as a networking platform, facilitating interactions and relationship building between researchers and industry professionals. By connecting with each other, researchers and businesses can establish long-term collaborations, nurture professional relationships, and create a network of like-minded individuals interested in advancing research and innovation as well as entrepreneurial collaboration.

Marketplace Tool: