Closing of the project and recording of the final documentary of the reSEArch EU project 15 December 2023

Behind the knowledge, research, innovation and development, there are people who can bring the messages of dissemination and usefulness to society much closer to home. For this purpose, at the end of this project, we develop a joint final event to show the results of the reSEArch EU project through the voice of selected protagonists (researchers, associated partners and other stakeholders, students, society).




The event was conducted with a similar format to the TEDx Talks (both in time and agility), in the sense that celebrate a great virtual party of knowledge and connection with society. The entire event was broadcast on streaming.



In order to disseminate this activity, a documentary has been made, summarizing the contents of the final joint event.


This documentary can be used in film screenings in partner countries for public engagement events. The idea is to share this dissemination activity with the remaining Alliances involved in this SwafS call (and joined through the Forum of European Universities, FOREU). In fact, alliances selected were also invited to join us.


This event and the dissemination materials aim to inspire future generations of students and researchers, encouraging them to aspire to become members of European Universities and lead the way towards dreaming a new knowledge, research and innovation landscape for Europe.