Latest results of our project available 18 December 2023

On December 18, our last Technical Working Group (TWG) and Extended Executive Committee (EEC) took place at the University of Cadiz.


During this working day, the last remaining results and reports of our reSEArch EU project were presented and approved:


  • Deliverable 1.3. (UCA, WP1). Open Reports to the Stakeholders (Report)
  • Deliverable 1.6. (UCA, WP1). 2nd Policy Brief (Report)
  • Deliverable 4.3. (CAU, WP4). Good practice guide on transdisciplinary and stakeholder engagement (Report)
  • Deliverable 5.2. (UM, WP5). Develop SEA – EU Open Research Data Policies and toolkit (Report)
  • Deliverable 5.3. (UM, WP5). Design of the Open Research Data System (Report)
  • Deliverable 5.4. (UM, WP5). Plan of the Open Science Ambassador Programme (Report)
  • Deliverable 5.5. (UM, WP5). Development of Training Initiatives within each University (Others)
  • Deliverable 7.2. (UCA, WP7). Dissemination material and database (Report)
  • Milestone 15 (UM, WP5). Consolidation of SEA-EU Open Research Data Policies (Report)


All these results will be presented to the European Commission and the whole team will be ready to start working on the final document of the project, with which we will put the real end to these 3 years.


If you are interested, you can consult all the results of the project here: