reSEArch EU Team participate in the CROSS-ALLIANCES FORUM 2023 7 December 2023

The “Science with and for Society (SWAFS) in European Universities Alliances: Cross-Alliances Forum 2023” took place from 29th to 30th of November in the Université libre de Bruxelles (Brussels).


Throughout the forum, participants delved into best practices and valuable insights regarding transformational modules. Topics of discussion encompass the development of a common R&I agenda and action plan, the successful sharing of resources and infrastructures, exploration of joint structures, enhancement of human capital within the Alliances, and strengthened collaboration with the non-academic sector. Moreover, there were focused dialogues on mainstreaming Open Science practices and how the Alliances have effectively involved citizens and society in their activities.


Notably, the event facilitated dialogues between Alliances and external stakeholders, exploring diverse models and pathways to excellence within the European R&I ecosystem. Key R&I themes such as research ethics and integrity, sustainability, social responsibility, and innovative knowledge applications were central to these discussions.



Regarding the reSEArch EU team representing the SEA EU Alliance, on the one hand, Laura Martín Díaz, our project coordinator participated in a panel session title: From Agenda Setting to Implementation: Maximizing the Institutional Impact of the SwafS Projects. On the other hand Christian Wagner-Ahlfs from the University of Kiel, presented a poster about the experiences of the project in order to involve stakeholders.



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