Open Science outreach activities

Open Science outreach activities

University of Kiel

European Researchers’ Nights – Kiel

Open Science Symposium on “Education and Teaching Formats Reports from the Reproducibility Networks”

CAU Open Science Campaign

University of Cadiz

European Researchers’ Night – UCA

Science shop for citizens

Community word cloud of science

Dessimination of reSEArch EU project objectivs and results

University of Split

Workshop on Open Science: Sharing Research Data and Best Practices 

Teaching reproducible research: a Croatian perspective

Newspaper articles – science data, open science

Social Media Campaign Increasing Awareness of Open Science

Promotion of Open Science on European Researchers Night, Open Science Quiz, Talks with Researchers

University of Bretagne Occidentale

Open Science Presentations in Laboratories

DECODE – Science is Open – Serious Game

Participation in the European Researchers’ Night

Second Information Session On Open Science

Open Data Survey

University of Gdańsk

Pomeranian Researcher’s Night

Open Access Escape Room at University of Gdańsk

Schütz (or Schuetz) – selected poems from Historia rerum Prussicarum – transcription, translation, and photographs: the report from a workshop with training component Introduction OSA- dr Jacek Pokrzywnicki

Around the Sun and the Moon – workshops on reading old astronomic graphics and treatises from the collection of the Gdansk Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Research Info Day: OSA- dr Katarzyna Świerk with collaboration of Science Office and Library UG

Open Science at UG – site visit in Naples

University of Malta

Open Science at Science in the City, Valletta

Interview on Radio Mocha about Open Science and SEA-EU

EMODnet Ingestion 3 kick-off meeting

Open Science at Science in the City, Valletta. Researchers’ Night, Malta 2022

Open Science at Science in the City, Malta 2023

Did you know? Campaign on Open Science at Science in the City, Malta 2023

European Researchers’ Night, Malta 2023